Sedation Dentistry

A significant number of Americans do not visit the dentist for regular checkups because they are too fearful or suffer from dental anxiety.  Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free dental experience to those who are afraid of the dentist. If you have put off dental care for years because of dental anxieties, we can help.  You will be treated in a relaxed, caring and comfortable environment, and with the use of sedation dentistry, it is likely that you can have your dental care completed in fewer visits.

We have several sedation options available depending on your needs and level of comfort.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) provides mild sedation for the dental patient that is anxious about the visit and needs some help relaxing. Nitrous oxide is delivered through a nose hood, and is administered throughout the procedure. The patient is conscious and able to respond. Nitrous oxide elevates the general mood and can evoke a general sense of well-being. Most importantly, it relieves anxiety and reduces pain during the procedure. It has been used safely in dentistry for many years, and has few side effects.

Oral conscious sedation is an excellent choice for people who fear needles. Oral sedatives are taken by mouth, meaning no injections, no anxiety and no pain. Oral sedation is accomplished by taking a pill that has been prescribed for you prior to your appointment. Though oral sedatives do not cause sleep, they usually dull the senses. Many patients have no sense of smell or sound, as well as no sense of time while under sedation. The patient is conscious and able to respond, but may not remember much of the actual dental procedure.  Oral sedation requires you to have a family member or friend accompany you to your dental appointment.

Intravenous sedation is a deeper type of sedation. During this process the patient is in a  very pleasant, deeply relaxed state. Medication is administered via direct injection into the bloodstream, which means the effects are immediate. The patient is conscious and maintains the ability to respond. Sometimes patients feel groggy and sleepy when the IV sedatives are withdrawn.  IV sedation requires you to have a family member or friend accompany you to your dental appointment.

We understand that for many people, going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience. Our primary goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and pain free experience during your entire visit.

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